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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is

WeGotBalls CC, consists of the RangePro, Nassau Golf Balls and YGT golf brands. WeGotBalls is faithfully dedicated to its customers with products and services of superior quality and performance. WeGotBalls is a leading importer and marketer of range golf balls, range supplies, golf practice mats, tour quality golf balls, custom logo golf ball printing and our newest division of recycled golf balls. 

We have embarked on a mission to reduce our own impact on the environment. We have come up with several ways to do this, however the most logical one has been to recycle golf balls from lakes and ponds at several golf courses in South Africa. We have had great success with this and we have had many customers around the country that have used our top quality recycled golf balls. Due to our success in not only this avenue of business, we have had to introduce a a new ways for our existing customers to order product securely and conviently from us at their own leisure. This is why we have upgraded our business to have a secure live online store for easy and convenient 24/7 online ordering so that you and our other existing customers to buy from us at your own leisure.

Our plant can sort, grade, wash and package 10 000 golf balls per day. So we are ready to supply large volume of recycled balls to our South African customers as well as international customers (in bulk)
WeGotBalls products are sold primarily to standalone driving ranges, big franchise driving ranges and on-course golf pro shops in South Africa.  WeGotBalls has the leading market positions in South Africa for range balls golf balls (Nassau), Golf Practice Mats (Nagic) and Range Supplies (RangePro).  

WeGotBalls stay abreast with changing market conditions to ensure that our customers get only the best products and technologies available on the market today. We compete on the basis of product quality, performance, durability, price and an outstanding reputation for service.

I placed my order I have not received a tracking number yet

You will receive an "Order Status Change" email from us stating that your product has been shipped after we have received confirmation of payment. In this email you will find the direct tracking number link. Please click this link so that you are able to track the package.

Once we receive confirmation of payment for your order we generally ship within 2 business days (most the same day) excluding weekends. Your package is then taken the local post office where it is sent via your selected shipping option. Once we return from the post office, we usually send the tracking number  to you on the same day it is shipped. Please check your spam blocker for emails from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We need this email availability in order to communicate with you, in case we have a question.

I received my tracking number. How do I track my package?

You will receive an "Order Status Change - Shipped" email from us stating that your product has been shipped after we have received confirmation of payment. Preparing your order for shipment takes a couple of hours so please be patience to receive your tracking number. In the "Order Status Change - Shipped" email you will find the tracking number written in Red under the "Notes" section of the email. Visit the website of the shipper you selected to track the package, or alternatively you can track your package via by inputting your tracking number next to the corresponding shipper. Please review your emails to get your tracking number as each shipped status notification emails has a tracking number. Parceltrack is a 3rd party tracking service - and all support querries should be forwarded to them. We suggest you use the original shipper website to track your package.

There are several options for you to track your package depending on what shipping option you selected during checkout. All tracking related inquiries should be forward to your selected shipper.

Domestic - Shipping Within South Africa

ss1Speed Services Counter to Counter (overnight service to your PO box ) please visit to track your package. Select "Speed Services Couriers" and complete the tracking number completely as you receive it with the TC and ZA. Remember once you have received your tracking number for this shipping option, please check with your post office the next business day for collection. Remember your ID document when you collect.





SA Postal Service ( 4 to 5 business days to your PO Box) please visit to track your package. Select "Postal Service" and complete the tracking number completely as your receive it. Remember once you have received your tracking number for this shipping option, please check with your post office within 4 t o5 business days for collection. Remember your ID document when you collect.



TheCourierGuyThe Courier Guy Courier Service ( Overnight Courier Service to Select Destinations only) please visit to track your package or track it here. Remember once you have received your tracking number for this shipping option, please check with the Courier Guy online tracking on the status of your package.

What is the charge for shipping in South Africa

 >>>>>For Shipping Rates Click here<<<<

 The cost or shipping the product is based on the type of shipping method you select at checkout as well as the weight or dimensions of the product you are purchasing. 



Fastway Couriers is only available in certain areas so please be sure to select the correct fastway option during checkout. If you are in the coverage areas, you must make sure your exact street address for your home or office is entered during checkout / registration. This is an overnight service with the cost of the shipping being in most cases cheaper than the post office with the added benefit of home and office delivery directly to your door. See our shipping rates page for more information and coverage maps.




Speed Services Counter to Counter is the more expensive shipping option however you will receive your package within 1 day from shipment. You do also receive a tracking number to check the status of your package during transit. You will have to collect from your local post office. Please remember to take your ID book with you when collecting.





SA Postal Service is the less expensive shipping option and you will receive your package within 4 to 5 day from shipment. You do also receive a tracking number to check the status of your package during transit. You will have to collect from your local post office. Please remember to take your ID book with you when collecting. 





>>>>>For Shipping Rates Click here<<<<


How long will it take to receive my order?


Please note that all orders placed after 11:00am will be shipped the following business day. This relates to all shipping options.

If you selected Speed Services Counter to Counter as shipping option during checkout, your product will arrive at your local post office PO box within 1 business day after shipping. Check your local Post Office for their office hours so that you can collect your product. Some post offices are open on Saturdays so be sure to check! Please take your ID document when collecting. 





If you selected SA Postal Service as shipping option during checkout, your product will arrive at your local post office PO box within 4 to 5 business day after shipping. Check your local postoffice for their office hours so that you can collect your product. Some post offices are open on Saturdays so be sure to check! Please take your ID document when collecting.



TheCourierGuyif you Selected The Courier Guy Courier Service - your package will be delivered overnight to your home or office address. This courier service is not to all destinations in South Africa. So please ensure you area is covered before selecting it as a courier service.

Do you ship to international destinations all around the world and what is the leadtime?

We will soon be starting exporting used balls to the world. Please see the international orders section of the website here.

Please note this is a work in progress. We intend to go live 1 june 2011.

Do you ship to PO Boxes ?

Yes. We do - and Physical Addresses as well.

We also ship to physical addresses using the courier services listed on the site.


Are these balls new in sleeves?

No. You will receive the balls packed in our packaging and sent in a cardboard box or courier bag.  We reserve the right to change the packaging at any time. Our main priority is to get the balls to you in the cheapest, safest, quickest way using the best packaging materials for the job.

What do the numbers on the golf ball mean?

All golf balls have numbers them. How many numbers and which numbers vary from brand to brand, but they all have at least one number. That one number is most likely to be a 1, 2, 3 or 4 (although it can also be anything from a zero to a 9). What do these numbers mean? The numbers mean nothing, really. These single-digit numbers are simply there for identification purposes. If the members of a fourball are all playing aTitleist Pro V1 ball, for example, one might play a ball with the number "1," another a "2," the third a "3," and the fourth a "4." This will allow the members to keep track of which ball belongs to each player. These numbers usually appear just below the branding of the ball's name. All the balls from the same sleeve will have the same ID number. A golf ball might also have a three-digit number on it, usually something in the 300s or 400s. If you notice such a number on a ball, this number is letting you know how many dimples are on the ball.

What is golf ball compression and how does it affect playability?

Another number that might appear on golf balls is the ball's compression rating. In the late 90's, solid core balls drove the wound ball almost completely out of the market. Prior to that, compression rating was a big deal to golfers. A compression rating of 70 or 80 for a wound ball was regarded as an indicator that ball was a "soft ball." A compression rating of 110 meant you had to swing very hard to make that ball work right (the he-man ball). We know now that compression relates much more to feel than to distance. Solid, soft-core balls have a huge segment of the golf ball market now. The compressions today can be way down in the 30s or 40s and range up to 100 or so. When low-compression balls first started appearing on the market, manufacturers felt there was still a stigma attached to low compression - i.e., that a low-compression ball would be viewed as a "ladies ball." THe result was that numbers representing compression were dropped from most golf balls. You'll still find them on some brands, but they are likely only two digits. 
To recap: A single-digit number is there for player identification; a double-digit number most likely represents compression; a triple-digit number most likely represents the number of dimples.

Why should I purchase recycled golf balls and will they affect the performance of my game? understands that some customers who have never purchased recycled golf balls are sometimes hesitant to do so at first. recycled golf balls play like new -- the only difference is the packaging and the amount you will save. We guarantee it.

Do you repaint the golf balls?

No. Golf balls are put through a washing and grading process only. We do not alter look of the balls in any way.

What Does Mint, A-Grade and Practice Mean?

These are our 3 Grades

Visit "How we Grade"

Can I use my discount coupons?

Yes, from time to time we will advertise discount coupons on our site and in the press media. Please visit back frequently to get our special promotion coupon codes.

Where do I get my discount coupons?

Follow us on Twitter! and Facebook to get awesome deals!

What Forms of Secure Payments do you accept

All payments processed via is secure. We use 

Credit Cards (Payfast secure online payment processor)

Instant EFT ( Select Payfast from payment options )

Ukash (Select Payfast )

Payfast voucher ( Select Payfast )

Paypal - coming soon

I would like to pay COD?

Unfortunately we do not accept COD. Payments are all due upon order, before shipment.

If you are collecting your order from us - please read this information for COD payments when collecting. Click Here

I received the wrong balls. What do I do?

In the unlikely event that you do receive the wrong balls in your order, please contact the helpdesk on 083 454 1922 or submit a return request together with your order ID. You will then be required to send the package back to us and we will refund you the money for shipping the balls back to us. We will then send you your correct order once we have received and inspected the product for damage. For more information on return our return policy, please visit our Return Policy Page

I'm not 100% Satisfied with my order. What is your return policy?

Can I collect my Package from your offices?

Yes - Please follow these instructions so that you can collect your order. Click here

I own a Golf Shop - do I get discount? How do I setup a wholesale account? How are my goods shipped? offers the wholesale golf industry an extensive line of products designed to ensure your success with high margins, top quality recycled golf balls and industry leading packaging. We offer online ordering at discounted prices. Read for more information below.

As a wholesaler you receive discount on all items in the shop - however to get this discount activated, you have to register on the website and we have to activate your wholesaler account in the backend of the site. Please register on the site like a normal shopper and send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  stating you have a golfshop etc. After you have sent the email, we will require some documents from you to proove you have a shop or golf related business. All existing customers only need to register on the site and email us. No additional documentation will be required.

Documents we need :

  1. Proof of Business Address
  2. Cipro documents
  3. Vat Number

The process of wholesale orders are handled exactly the same as other online orders, but due to the volumes of goods ordered you receive a discount so that you can resell. There is no minimum rand amount required so you can order what you want when you want.  For shipping options - depending on your location and size of order you will have the option to easily select your desired method of shipment and the shipment transit times are showed during the checkout process. The website automatically calculates your shipping cost for you before you pay. For your convenience, you will have the option of paying by credit card and EFT or Cash Deposit.You will be presented with all costs for shipping and products before you confirm the order and pay. Please contact us if you are having difficulty with the checkout process.

All Orders need to be paid for in advance and will only be shipped once proof of payment is received. All orders received and paid for before 11:00am will be shipped the same day. After your order is confirmed you will be able to download the invoice directly from " My Account" section of the website - you have to be logged in.

Who should buy from WeGotBalls:

1. Golf courses & pro shops looking to stock jar balls and/or offer a full range of top quality recycled and custom packaged golf balls at about half the price of new balls

2. Retailers & mass merchants wanting to earn high margin by offering premium brands in premium quality boxes to the high volume golf ball bag products

Please call Hannes on 083 454 1922 to discuss your exact requirements

We really hope you enjoy this process of ordering at your convenience 24/7, 365 per year. It truely is a step forward for the golfing industry.

Who is PayFast / What is Payfast?

PayFast is a payments processing service for South Africa. We make it safe for buyers to send money and easy for sellers to receive money. For more information please visit

Is Secure?

SSL3Security is -- of the utmost importance to  We handle all customer information using the secure server layer (SSL) technology. Secure server software (SSL) is the industry standard and is the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address. It cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. In addition, does not keep our customers' credit card information on file.  No one can get access to your personal information. uses -- user names and passwords for two main reasons:

1) User Name and passwords provide security for your account information. No one can view your information without the correct password and user name. When you pick a username and password choose something that only you know and that others cannot easily guess. 
2) User names and passwords make it easy for you (and only you) to check out next time you visit If you forget your password, please use  the "Forgot Password" function.

I lost the Payment Page? How do I pay now?

EFT / Bank Transfer

We prefer EFT's on all orders. So if you have lost the payment page for Payfast, you are welcome to use an EFT to pay for your order. Just fax or email the proof of payment to us on the details below.

Bank : ABSA
Account Name : WeGotBalls CC
Account Number : 4065849489
Branch Code : 632005
Reference Number : WGBS ( and your order number) So for example Order Number 350 will have reference number of WGBS350
Send your proof of payment to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or fax it to 086 612 7417 - If you do not send it to us, there can be a delay in dispatching your order.

Payfast ( Visa, Mastercard, Instant EFT)

If you lost Payment page - then all you need to do is make sure you are registered with Payfast or Paypal (depending on what payment method you selected) .

After you have registered, you need to go back to - login and click on "My Account".

At the bottom of the "My Account" page you will see Order Information for all your orders.

Click on " View" to view the pending order you want to pay for.

You will then be taken to the purchase order page

Now click on the Company Logo ( Payfast or Paypal) and complete the payment.

Once payment is done you will receive a confirmed email from our website. 

Why Should I Buy Recycled Golf Balls?

Testing done by PG Profesional Golf in the USA


Golf ball manufacturing has experienced massive technological advances over the past decade. Gone are the days when golf balls would lose compression and distance after being exposed to extreme heat or being submerged in water.
Today, consistency and durability in solid-core golf balls is the norm, opening up a market for recycled balls; because all golf balls are used after one hit! The team at PG Professional Golf– made up of duffers, scratch golfers and virtually everything in between–is passionate about the game of golf and has spent years playing with used golf balls to analyze their performance on the course.

Our in-house analysis has always revealed outstanding performance from our golf balls, but testing at an industry-leading,independent research facility has provided absolute, empirical data to prove that used golf balls are as good as new.


Location: Two consecutive days in San Diego, CA.
Temperature: Between 62-66 degrees
Wind: Speeds varied between 0-14 MPH, all shots hit into a headwind
Humidity: Ranged between 63-78%
Barometric Pressure: Averaged 30
Mechanism: Robotic golf swing device used to provide consistent club head contact; TrackMan® Launch monitor to provide precise measurements
Club: TaylorMade® R9™ and Ping® G20™ seven iron
Club Speed: Set to represent the club speed of an average golfer; for driver and seven iron, 96 MPH and 83 MPH, respectively
Balls: A dozen each of eight models of our best–selling 5A and 4A balls were tested ten times against a brand new, fresh-out-of-the-box counterpart; a different ball of the same model was tested for each swing


*Wind speed was measured where the ball was struck, not where the ball landed. Wind speeds vary throughout the 200+ yards of carry distance, which may cause some inconsistencies in the test results. Consequently, for every mph of wind, one yard should be added from each ball’s total carry yardage.

Example: A shot was hit into a 1 MPH headwind and a second shot was hit into a 10 MPH head wind; the first shot would produce 9 yards more in carry yardage than the second shot.

Through secondary research and data analysis, found that wind affected carry distance at a rate of 1-1.3 yards per MPH of wind speed.






Across tests with both clubs, the difference between used balls and new was almost negligible. There was virtually no loss of performance and in some cases the used ball exceeded the distance and speed of its new counterpart.


  • Empirical Evidence proves that recycled balls from Used Golf Balls offer comparable performance to new golf balls.

How do I buy something on

1. Find the items you wish to buy

Keyword search boxes are located on the top of every page. You will also find links to browse  categorys on the left hand side of each page. When you find an item that interests you, click the title or name of the item to see its details, including availability. Availability means the product is in stock. If a product is not in stock, click on the notify me button and when the product is in stock we will let you know via email.

2. Add to cart

Found the products you want to buy? Click on "Add to cart". Your shopping cart contains all the products that you have selected to buy. Once you've added an item to your Shopping Cart, keep searching until your cart contains all of the items you want to order. You can access the contents of your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking the "Show Cart" button on the top right hand side of each page.

3. Check out ( this is where you pay and select your shipping method)

  • Click on the "Show Cart " button on the top right hand side of the screen if you are done shopping and not on the cart page.
  • Viewing your items in the cart page you can now make sure your quantites and products names are correct and this is what you whish to purchase.
  • If you have a coupon code - type or paste it into the coupon code field and click the "coupon code" button to activate the coupon. No click = no coupon.
  • To enter  the checkout, click on the green  “proceed to checkout” button on the bottom right of the product list.
  • You will now be prompted to log in if you have registered before, or register as a first time customer.
  • Select your shipping method : we have several shipping methods.
  • Ensure your shipping address is correct : we print the shipping label for your package exactly as you type it, so make sure it is correct
  • Select your payment method - choose one that you can use quickly and easily.
  • Click on the orange "Next " button to be taken to the confirm order page.
  • Please check all your details on the order summary page.
  • Tick the box at the bottom to state you understand and have read our terms and conditions
  • click the big red button to "PLACE ORDER".

Free Collection

collectWe now offer Free Collection.

We are based in Alberton in the South Of Johannesburg. Our address is listed on the top left corner of the the Order Email as well as the "Contact Us" Page.

Please Follow the instructions if you want to collect your package yourself.


  1.  In order for us to provide this option you will need to allow us time to pack and prepare your order. We need time for this as all orders need to go through a quality control check before dispatch
  2.  All orders need to be paid for online via credit card or EFT before collection. We do accept cash on collection.Please leave a note that you will do this otherwise your order will not be processed.

Once your order is packed and ready for you to collect - you will receive an email stating your order is "ready for collection".

You will also need to confirm your collection date and time via email or by calling 082 820 7478 as we are not allways at the office - we might be out buying balls.

When arriving at the gate please blow the hooter so that we can open - the intercom is broken and I'm not going to have it fixed.

We run an internet based business and the business is not setup for walkin business - however if you would like to visit the premises and buy balls you are more than welcome to do so after making an appointment. We have over 80 000 balls in stock and we will be more than willing to get you the balls you want when you want them. You need to bring Cash we do not accept cards for appointment purchases.

If you have any questions please call 082 820 7478

Thank you

Rowan Dyer

Are balls packed in their original Packaging?

No, We do not sell balls in their original packaging. Your order is securly packed and sealed in our packaging to ensure you get top quality used balls in neat presentable format.

Do the Balls look like the pictures on the website

Pictures are for illustration purposes only. The pictures only help you recognise your favourite brand and ball - we take care of the quality!

We do however try to get you the best possible used balls we can with every order!

Remember, each ball is hand graded to ensure quality and with you get a 100% money back guarantee and you are not entirely satisfied with your order.