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Welcome to Reward Points

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Reward Points Loyalty Program

Since the inception of our online store in 2009, we have made it our mission to bring savings to the South African golfing community in the form of quality used balls. It has been our motto to save you 50% or more on golf balls! We are now, happy to announce that we will now be increasing the savings to our thousands of customers, as well as our customers to come, in the form of our new "Reward Points" Loyalty Program. Rewarding you for buying from us - and thereby saving you even more!!

How Does the Program it Work?
The program is very simple and intuitive. You will accumulate and receive Reward Points into your piggy bank for each Rand spent on our online store based on your order total. As a registered user of the website, you are automatically eligible and enrolled into the Reward Points Program. New users automatically receive 250 points upon registration which they can use at any time - Points expire every 365 days.

How to claim my Reward Points?

You have to be logged in and a registered to get access to the reward points system.

Click on the "Reward Ponts" > "View My Reward Points"  button in the main menu bar and you will be taken to the piggy bank page where you can see your accumulated points and usage history.



At the bottom of the page you can convert your points into cash. Enter the amount of points you want to convert into points. These points are then swopped into "Chips" - (They look like poker chips on our site) for instant discounts to be applied during the checkout procedure for your following order with


You will now see your new generated code like below. Now, click on the "poker chip" to apply the discount cash voucher to your cart.


 Now you can see how the discount has been applied to the cart and you can now complete the purchase.